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Defterdar, Eyüp - İstanbul - Turkey

GPS : 41°02'40.0"N 28°56'14.0"E / 41.044444, 28.937222

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Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center has all the facilities required for the successful and unforgettable organizations that you will make in Istanbul. Feshane is a place on the coast of the Golden Horn where all kinds of fair, organization, meeting, seminar, concert, gala, party, exhibition and cultural activities can be carried out. Feshane is adding a different color to the Golden Horn with its green areas supported historical structure. Feshane has a special pier opening to the Golden Horn, too. Feshane is built on 56.000 square meters area.


Feshane was built in 1839 with the order of Sultan Abdülmecit I in order to meet the fes and woolen cloth needs of the Ottoman army. Being the first textile institution of our country in the real sense, was one of the first examples of the steel construction building with the columns which were brought in from Belgium and assembled in 1951. Feshane, whose steam operated looms were also brought from abroad, was renewed in 1866 as the most developed textile factory of its time.

The clothes which were knit in Feshane were awarded many golden medals in 1855 Paris International Exhibition, in 1863 Istanbul Exhibition “Sergi-I Umum-I Osmani (General Ottoman Exhibition)” and in 1893 Chicago International Exhibition.

In 1939 the “Feshane Mensucat A.Ş. (Fez Factory Textile Inc.)” with its name at that time, was shot down and changed into Sümerbank Financial Department Factory. In 1986 the 8000 square meter great looming hall of the factory, which was abandoned due to the Golden Horn environmental arrangement works, was restorated staying loyal to the original.


Rental Halls
Our places that have unique utilization areas which you can use for all your activities are ready for service with the most suitable terms.

Organization Support
The necessary concept development, application services for all of your organizations will be provided.

Catering And Restaurant
Lale Restaurant with its 200 square meters utility area and a capacity of 120 people is a unique area from which you can receive restaurant service in all the organizations you make in Feshane.

Car Parking
The 11.000 square meters utility area has 1000 cars and 50 trucks capacity.


Company Activities, Municipality Activities, Product Launching, VIP lounge

Fairs And Congress
National and International, Fairs Congresses

Private Activities
Concerts, Receptions, Gala, Meetings With Dinner

Cultural And Arts Activities
Seminars, Exhibitions, Panels, Workshops


Sultan Mahmut II Hall
4000 square meters utility area, 3000 people in theater arrangement, 2200 people in gala dinner, 3000 people in cocktail, 2800 people in cocktail prolonge, The height of the hall is 5.5 meters, Width between the columns is 5 meters. It has the necessary equipments for fair, concert, gala, seminar and meeting organizations.

Sadabad Hall
330 square meters utility area, 300 people in theater arrangement, 250 people in gala dinner. It has the necessary equipments for fair, concert, gala, seminar, meeting and reception organizations.

Golden Horn Hall
1800 square meters utility area. It has the necessary equipments for fair organizations.

Küçük Bedesten Hall
600 square meters utility area. It has the necessary equipments for fair organizations.

Lale Restaurant
200 square meters utility area. Hall capacity 120 people. It is the hall from which you can receive restaurant service in all your organizations in Feshane.

Opean Area
12.000 square meters utility area. It has the infrastructure to use as an open area fair or for your special receptions. You can take in your visitors and guests from own pier of Feshane comfortably and securely and host them. While Saltanat Boats can be used in order to live nostalgia, all points of Ýstanbul can be reached by sea motors.


General Policy

Before the reservation, all the items on the Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center contract should be agreed upon and the prepayment should have been realized.

1) Some services provided during the activity are listed below :
Air conditioning system, air conditioner, General lighting, General cleaning, General announcement system, Phone operator, phone system, internet, Chair, table and tablecloths, Security Service (general door security), Free Parking Cards For the Participators

2) The services which can be requested in addition with the contract :
First aid, Additional security, Special cleaning, Special voice/light/platform etc. information, Stand design

The Management of Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center should be informed of the exact number of guests two workdays before the activity. The scope of the reservation will only be understood with the number of guests and thus the total cost is determined. If the number of participators is less than the number stated at the reservation time, no discount is applied.

If the organization company requests doctor, nurse and ambulance service can be hired during the activity. It is forbidden to hang flags, banners, pendants and posters. Such applications can only be made on the specified area provided that the management gives approval. As it is stated on the contract it is forbidden to glue or nail anything on the doors, walls and ceilings of the halls. More information on how the organizers can use the building is detailed in the contract. The halls cannot be transferred to a third party (person).


A. Food and Drinks
Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center has a wide variety of food, drink that fits every taste. Lale Restaurant which has 200 people service capacity is serving under the Management, Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center. Lale Restaurant with its comprehensive service from feast to open buffet is an ideal choice for small sized activities as well as international congresses and meetings. No food can be brought from outside in all the activities held in Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center.

B. Service Personnel
The personnel and experienced workers of Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center are at your service. The expertise of the personnel covering a wide variety of activities, provides that your guests are hosted with attention from the moment they enter through the door of Feshane.


WEB SITE : Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center

E-Mail :
Phone : +90 212 501 7326
Fax : +90 212 501 7328

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